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NY State gets go ahead to prosecute Ex-AIG Executives

A unanimous decision by the the New York State Court of Appeals gave Attorney General Eric Schneiderman approval to sue the former CEO and CFO of American International Group’s (AIG)  for fraud. The court’s opinion said there was enough evidence to bring former AIG chairman and CEO Maurice “Hank” Greenberg and former CFO Howard Smith to trial. The unanimous opinion was written by Judge Robert Smith Read More →

Insurance companies aren’t always on your side: Part 2

In August of 2008, 22- year old Rachel Gonzalez broke her clavicle and lost consciousness after tripping on a sidewalk in the Bronx. She was treated at the hospital and released the same day. She continued to be plagued by migraine headaches ands shoulder pain. In December of that year an representative of the building owners’ insurer came to her home. At that time, Gonzalez Read More →

Study finds 88% of drivers in Brooklyn break the speed limit

A study conducted by Transportation Alternatives (TA) found 88% of Brooklyn drivers break the speed the limit. The 61st Precinct which includes Sheepshead Bay is the second most ticketed neighborhood in Brooklyn. The study also found that Brooklyn had the highest amount traffic injuries of all five boroughs coming in at an astounding 23,058 in 2011. 79 people were killed in traffic accidents. Paul Steely White, Read More →

Metro North loses bid to dismiss wrongful death suit

The estate of Sedrick Harris, a Metro North Railroad employee brought a wrongful death lawsuit against Metro North claiming the railroad was negligent in failing to provide Harris with a reasonably safe place to work as required under the union contract and to provide safety equipment. Harris was injured when he fell from the top of a pile of timbers located on a flat car, Read More →

Supreme Court Voting Act decision may affect New York City mayoral election

The New York Times reports that the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Voting Rights Act could be seen in the upcoming mayoral election. Any proposed change to the city’s electoral system has required federal approval since the early 1970s, when Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx were added to a monitoring list under the voting act after the federal government determined that a Read More →

Amendment to state’s medical malpractice rules dies in Albany

Last Thursday, a proposed amendment to New York State’s medical malpractice law died in committee in Albany after the Senate stopped it from coming to a vote. The law, dubbed “Lavern’s Law” would have extended the time a victim of malpractice had to file a lawsuit. It was named after Lavern Wilkinson who developed cancer and died this past March after doctors failed to tell her they found a Read More →

Insurance companies aren’t always on your side

Whenever someone is involved in an accident, it is smart to contact an attorney to protect your rights. Insurance companies may say they will take care of you, but they aren’t always on your side. Consider this case. Lozner & Mastropietro represented a client who sustained massive injuries in a tragic accident that occurred in Queens. A cargo van and a large flat-bed tow truck Read More →

Family of Hofstra student accidentally killed by police files wrongful death lawsuit.

The family of Hofstra student Andrea Rebello who was killed by a Nassau County Police Officer Nikolas Budimlic while responding to a robbery call, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Newsday reports: The “cause of action” for the suit cites “wrongful death, civil rights and negligence actions against the County of Nassau and its police officers and possibly other defendants to be named after discovery,” Read More →

CDC: Traumatic brain injury a serious health problem

Actress Natasha Richardson fell while skiing on the beginner’s slope at Canada’s Mont Tremblant and bumped her head. She felt fine but the ski patrol took her to the bottom of the slope and insisted she see a doctor. She insisted she felt fine. An hour after the incident she said she had a headache and resort medical personnel sent her to see a doctor. Read More →

Brooklyn D.A. candidates slam current D. Hynes at debate

The New York Law Journals reported that last week the two Democratic candidates hoping to replace current Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes attacked his record in what the journal called a  “raucous and sometimes testy forum.” Abraham George, a former Manhattan assistant district attorney, and Kenneth Thompson of the law firm of Thompson Wigdor, attacked the credibility of District Attorney Charles Hynes “We are ready Read More →