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Delta Airlines sued for making makes disabled man crawl on tarmac

Disabled Hawaii resident Baraka Kanaan filed a lawsuit against Delta Airlines after he was forced to crawl on the tarmac and to his wheelchair after his flight landed in Nantucket after the promised lift to remove him from the plane him wasn’t provided. Kanaan immediately call Delta and complained. The airline apologized, promised him a $100 voucher and $40,000 Skymiles. He chalked it up to Read More →

Stop and frisk in Sheepshead Bay

We’re not sure how we missed this story but it comes from the July 2nd issue of the Daily News: The Daily News identified the city’s most-frisked residents using 2011-2012 data, grouping stops listing the exact same birthdate, sex, race, height, weight and precinct. Eight of the top 10 likely individuals were in the 61st Precinct, who were stopped between 13 and 26 times over Read More →

Seinfeld’s Larry David credits Sheepshead Bay for his sense of humor

In a Television Critics Association panel discussion promoting his new HBO movie, “Clear History,” Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David credited growing up in Brooklyn as the source of his sense of humor. David was caught off guard when a reporter asked him “Where is the influence of Jewish humor in your sensibility? Where does that come from?” David paused and then responded “It comes from Read More →

Industry backed “Innocent Seller’s Act” introduced in the House of Representatives

Lobbying by The National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA) has resulted in the re-introduction of a bill in the House of Representatives that would give immunity to sellers of defective products. Different versions of the bill have been introduced since 1996 but never went anywhere. Dubbed the Innocent Seller’s Act , the bill would prevent dealers from being sued if the products they Read More →

What are New Yorkers are complaining about now?

NYU’s Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy has done an analysis of complaint calls to 311 from July and August 2012. What is the number one complaint of the residents of Sheepshead Bay and Gerritson Beach? Broken street lights. In Seagate/Coney Island it’s loud parties and music and Ocean Parkway South seems to have a problem with dead animals. Read more: Summer of 311

Anthony Weiner suggests more “Barnes dances” in NYC

Capital New York reports that mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner wants to have more pedestrian friendly intersections informally called  “Barnes dances.” They are named for former Department of Transportation commissioner  Henry Barnes. Barnes dances are intersections at which cars stop in every direction so that pedestrians can cross the street in all directions. They are also called pedestrian scrambles because pedestrians scramble in all directions in crossing Read More →

Medical malpractice lawsuits good for patient safety

While tort reform advocates are working to change medical malpractice laws to make it harder to recover damages, recent reports have found that medical malpractice lawsuits actually help increase patient safety.Writing in the NY Times, Joanna C. Schwartz, assistant professor of law at UCLA says New evidence, however, contradicts the conventional wisdom that malpractice litigation compromises the patient safety movement’s call for transparency. In fact, Read More →

Any civil suit against George Zimmerman faces hurdles

If the parents of Trayvon Martin decide to sue George Zimmerman in civil court, they face a few hurdles. Florida’s stand your ground law not only makes someone immune from criminal charges, it also makes them immune from any civil action. If Martin’s parent decide to sue, it would probably be for wrongful death or negligence. But, there would have to be a hearing in front Read More →

Medical malpractice: What you need to know

What is medical malpractice? Medical malpractice is negligence committed by a professional health care provider a doctor, nurse, dentist, hospital or hospital worker whose performance of duties departs from a standard of care of those with similar training and experience, resulting in harm to a patient. It can result from a failure to act or from acting improperly. Do I need a lawyer to pursue Read More →

Brooklyn woman sues Irish airline Aer Lingus

Christine Rivera thought her trip to Dublin would be a fun time. Unfortunately for Rivera, her trip got off to a rather embarrassing start and painful start when a cup of hot tea spilled in her lap. According the NY Post, Rivera claims flight attendants forced her to hobble down a jumbo-jet aisle with no pants on after she was scalded with boiling-hot tea.flight attendant Read More →