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Proposed new FDA rule will speed up safety information updates on generic drugs

Back in July we wrote about how the Supreme Court limited the rights of consumers to bring product-liability lawsuits against generic drug makers. Their reasoning was generic drug makers were bound by law to not tamper with the labeling or add other ingredients. Generic drug makers have long complained they were hamstrung by the rules. The FDA must have heard them because they will be instituting Read More →

NY Appeals Court rules you’re never too drunk to murder

In court case we wrote about last month, Too drunk to murder, the New York Court of Appeals upheld three murder convictions of people who drove either drunk or on drugs. The three appealed the convictions based on the premise they were too out of it to show a depraved indifference to human life. The three cases all happened in the New York and Long Island: Staten Island Read More →

Disabled Brooklyn boy awarded $25 million in untreated jaundice case

The Daily News reports that the family of a disabled Brooklyn boy has been awarded a $25 million judgement in a medical malpractice lawsuit against Methodist Hospital. The boy, Jaelin Sence, who is now 6 years-old suffered from a severe case of jaundice as a newborn and was discharged from the hospital without treatment for the brain damaging condition even though he had visibly yellowing Read More →

Wrongful death lawsuit: Wife “worked to death.”

An Ohio man is suing Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati for wrongful death after his wife was killed while driving home from a 12-hour shift. She worked as a registered nurse in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit of Jewish Hospital The lawsuit alleges that since the hospital was taken over by Mercy Health Partners of Southwest Ohio, his wife’s working hours “routinely and significantly” exceeded the hours for which she was Read More →

Latinos and immigrants most at-risk for construction deaths in NYC

A study by the Center for Popular Democracy found that Latino and immigrant workers are most at-risk to be killed in construction accidents. In New York City, 74% of fatal falls were Latinos and/or immigrants, a disproportionately high number in relation to participation in the construction industry. The report used 2003-2011 OSHA data of investigations of construction site accidents involving fatal falls. The report found that Read More →