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NYC Landlords sue Cuomo for his initiative to prevent landlord fraud

Back in 2012 Governor Cuomo set up the Tenant Protection Unit (TPU) which was tasked with ferreting out landlord fraud and abuse. On Monday, three landlord groups filed suit in Brooklyn Supreme Court claiming many of the rules and enforcement actions  “invalid and unenforceable.” The TPU was considered a major tenants rights victory that was designed to stop tenant harassment, increase compliance with and enforce rent regulation laws, and Read More →

NYC Streets: Pedestrian deaths almost as high as murder rate

According to a study by The Tri-State Transportation Campaign, NYC had 420 pedestrian deaths between 2010 through 2012.  NYPD stats say that in 2013, 286 were killed. To put it into perspective, there were 333 murders in 2013 Brooklyn’s deadliest street is Flatbush Avenue with 123 deaths over the two year period. The organization used federal statistics to arrive at their 420 number, but NYPD statistics Read More →

Son can’t collect on murdered mother’s life insurance

In March 2006,  Xiu Fang Jian and a co-worker were stabbed to death in a warehouse where they both worked. Now her son is trying to collect his share of her $300,000 life insurance policy. The case is still unsolved. Jian’s son has been trying to collect on her life insurance since 2011, but MetLife won’t pay due to the fact that is still a suspect Read More →

AG Schneider makes it easier for wrongfully convicted to sue State

Last Tuesday New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced he would be introducing a bill that will make it easier for those wrongfully convicted of a crime to sue the State. According to Press Release issued by the the Attorney General’s office [the”Unjust Imprisonment Act” would remove burdensome provisions from current law – barriers that can preclude people who were wrongfully convicted and imprisoned Read More →

Man framed by cops for murder collects $6.4 million

A man framed for the 1990 murder of a Hasidic rabbi in Brooklyn was awarded $6.4 million by the City. 58 year-old .David Ranta spent 23 years in prison based on an imaginary confession that former NYPD  Detective Louis Scarcella claimed Ranta made. Now, due to the revelations all of Scacella’s cases are coming under review. Not only did Scarcella fabricate the confession, he dropped a witness who he had Read More →