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PA Supreme Court: Home seller doesn’t have to inform buyers of murder.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the sellers of a house have no legal obligation to inform the buyers of the fact that murders or other awful things happened in the house. The case was brought by Janet Milliken, who in 2007 bought a home from Kathleen and Joseph Jacono for $610,000. Six months prior to her purchase, the Jacanos bought the house from Read More →

Study: One-third of knee replacements not necessary

Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University did study of 4,800 people in the U.S. with knee osteoarthritis or those at high risk of the condition.  They found that at least one-third of knee replacement surgeries may not be inappropriate. The lead researcher on the study, Daniel L. Riddle told Reuters, “We found that some patients undergo total knee replacement when they have very low grade symptoms or minor knee arthritis.” Read More →

Robber sues pizzeria for stopping him from robbing them

From the Pro Se what??? files comes this one. A convicted robber has filed a federal civil complaint against the employees of the pizzeria he robbed and the police officers who responded On Nov. 30, 2010, Nigel Sykes, brandishing a gun,  forced his way into Seasons Pizza in Newport, Delaware. Once inside he pulled a gun on one of the employees, demanded money and was handed $140. Read More →

Upstate jury awards $1.5 million in nursing home overdose death.

A Clinton County jury awarded $1.5 million to the estate of a patient who died after being given a dose of morphine meant for another patient. John Solaris, 94, was a patient in the Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Medical Center Skilled Nursing Facility in Plattsburgh when he was given a lethal dose of morphine laced applesauce by a nurse who was filling in and wasn’t familiar Read More →

U.S. Senator calls for wrongful death suit against Russia for Malaysian Plane crash

Senator Mark Kirk has called for a wrongful death lawsuit in the case of the downed Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine. The Illinois Republican said in an interview on CNN “I want to hear… that the Department of Justice will bring one hell of a wrongful death suit against Russian assets that are located in the United States to make sure there’s a significant Read More →

Judge rules ex-wife of landscaper can’t keep $1 million dollars awarded in medical malpractice case

A State Supreme Court judge has thrown out a $1 million award to the ex-wife of an Orange County landscaper who won a $4 million award in a medical malpractice case. The then-wife of landscaper Robert Wyble  was awarded $1 million for loss of services.  The judge rescinded the award writing that because she walked out on him “when the going got tough,” she is not Read More →