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Lawyer who defends polluters sues neighbor for smoking in his apartment

Edwin Gray has loved in home he was brought up in for the last 54 years. He now lives there lives there with his four adult sons. He likes to smoke cigarettes, marijuana and burn incense. Last September Brendan and Nessa Coppinger, two attorneys bought the house next door.  The Washington Post website writes … his next-door neighbors, who arrived at their newly renovated home in September, Read More →

Do driverless cars need insurance?

All those who own cars must have insurance. 90 percent of car accidents are due to driver error. What if there is no driver? That scenario, as futuristic as it might sound is on the Horizon. Google, for one is experimenting with driverless cars. Will you still need insurance if you’re not the driver? A recent article on the Marketplace website addresses that issue.  The Insurance Read More →

Bicycling in NYC: Be safe on those streets

Spring is officially here even of it hasn’t really sprung yet. But as the weather warms almost 40,000 bicyclists will take to the streets, bike paths and parks of New York City. Maybe you are one of those throngs of two-wheeled enthusiasts.  But as fun as cycling might be, you need to be aware at all times. Accidents do happen. Although accidents have been declining Read More →

Flying plywood kills woman in West Village

On St. Parick’s Day, a 37 year-old woman was walking down W.12th Street when 40 mph winds sent a sheet of plywood from a construction site airborne striking and killing her. The Daily News reports that immediately after the incident city buildings inspectors shut down the site for failing to keep it secure.  Turner Construction and the property owners had been cited in the past Read More →

Housing court decisions favor two long term Brooklyn residents

Two separate housing court decisions favored two Brooklyn tenants, both women, and both on Social Security In the first case, 84 year-old widow Teresita Bugdady, installed a dishwasher. The long-time Cobble Hill Native doesn’t have a written lease  and her landlord tried to evict her over her installing a dishwasher.  They argued the dishwasher could be a nuisance and could damage the building if something went wrong Read More →

Most birth injuries are preventable

The political website, The Hill ,which covers Congress has an interesting essay in this past Monday’s issue, about medical malpractice. The essay was written by Robert Weissman, president of the government watchdog, Public Citizen and sensibly titled, To reduce malpractice litigation, stop making mistakes. The essay successfully argues that there would less medical malpractice lawsuits if medical professionals would not make preventable medical errors, especially birth related injuries. Read More →

Coalition wants “Sunshine Bill” for New York’s construction industry

Union representatives of the Scaffold Safety Coalition held a press conference in conjunction with several lawmakers to introduce the Construction Insurance Transparency Act of 2015, aka The Sunshine Bill. The bill would require liability insurance providers to file financial statements and claims data with the state’s superintendent of financial services. It was proposed to beef up the under attack the so-called Scaffold Law The coalition Read More →

Court rules man can’t sue over unnecessary eye removal

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that a District Court in Houston has ruled Leonardo Quintero Jr., whose eye was unnecessarily removed can’t sue the Houston Methodist Hospital and two physicians for medical malpractice because he claimed they made mistakes in their analysis of biopsy slides. He claims that “erroneous pathology readings” led to the misdiagnosis. The slides were sent to a different hospital where two doctors diagnosed him with “atypical Read More →

NJ man dies month after $495,000 car crash settlement

49-year old Gilberto Antonio Montoya died Saturday from injuries he received in a car crash a month after receiving a $495,053 settlement to establish a special needs trust fund for his lifetime care according to the Daily Record. Montoya was stopped at a traffic light on Sussex Turnpike, waiting to make a turn on his motorcycle, when he was rear-ended by a 73-year-old driver in Read More →

Judge rules Tennessee’s tort reform limits are unconstitutional

Tort reform took a hit in Tennessee this past Monday when County circuit court judge Judge W. Neil Thomas ruled Monday that Tennessee’s $750,000 cap on certain civil jury awards is unconstitutional. The decision came after a challenge of a tort reform measure supported by Gov. Bill Haslam. Tennessee legislators passed a tort reform bill in 2011 that capped non-economic damages at $750,000. In his ruling Thomas Read More →