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Ralph Nader opens “Tort Museum”

Famed consumer advocate, Ralph Nader has opened a very odd museum in Winstead, Connecticut called the American Museum of Tort Law The centerpiece of the museum in the Corvair, the car that brought Nader to national Attention due to his book Unsafe at Any Speed. Nader says it’s the only museum of its in the country. We think there might be a reason for that. Read More →

Connecticut Supreme Court rules expanding Children’s right to sue in the death of a parent

The Connecticut State Supreme Court ruled today that children have the right to sue for the loss of parental consortium when a parent is killed. The decision breaks with precedent over limits as to how much minor children can receive as a result of a lawsuit The ruling is the result of a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family of Jose Campos who was Read More →

“Greatest man in existence” sues NYPD for $8 million

The NY Post reports on a lawsuit filed by a Brooklyn man, Tommy Adams against the NYPD for “unjust arrest. He prefers the name King Salem, and in his $8 million suit he claims that his seven arrests for public urination over eight years were unjust, arguing, “You don’t arrest super-models on the streets of any city anywhere on earth multiple times without creating an international incident.” Read More →

NYC Housing Authority blames murder victim for her own death

New York City Housing Authority lawyers are trying to get a wrongful death suit dismissed on the grounds the murder victim should have known the risks of living in a public housing project. Twenty three-year old, Olivia Brown, 23, was shot and killed at the Lincoln Houses in July 2013, allegedly by a trespasser on the grounds. Housing Authority lawyers are claiming the shooting was “spontaneous” Read More →

Prof gets $1.2 million NIH grant to study malpractice and ‘defensive medicine’

Insurance companies and physicians have long complained that the threat of malpractice lawsuits had driven doctors and hospitals to practice defensive medicine;, unnecessary tests and treatments that might not be in the best interests of the patient and raises healthcare costs. Patient advocates and attorneys have long claimed this is not true. Now the National Institutes of Health has awarded a Northwestern University School of Law Professor, Read More →

2009 Wrongful death suit against NJ city for “polar bear” death to finally begin

A lawsuit filed in 2009 is finally going to trial. Jury selection began this week in U.S. District Court in Camden in the wrongfful death lawsuit of a thirty-five year old Philadelphia woman whose body was found near a pier in Sea Isle City on Feb. 15, 2009. Thirty-five year-old Tracy Hottenstein had been drinking after the event and and later that night fell off a Read More →

Real Estate developers hate the “scaffolding law”

The Albany Business Times reports that at least on big real estate developer, Peter Belmonte Jr would abolish New York’s scaffolding law if he were governor for a day. The law’s real name,  Labor Law 240 is intended to protect workers from the number one cause of injury and death in the construction injury, falls from scaffolding. Under the law, owners of constructions companies are required to supply safety Read More →

Construction Safety: Causes of Accidents

OSHA reports that 828 construction workers died on the job in 2013, with construction site accidents accounting for almost 20% of all U.S. work-related fatalities across industries. The primary causes of these accidents are known as “The Fatal Four” and are listed as falls, being struck by objects, electrocution and being caught between moving vehicles or machinery. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Agency Read More →

In Memorium

Construction accidents up in NYC

Back in June, ten people were hurt when a 12-ton heating and air-conditioning unit fell from a crane and fell 30 stories to the sidewalk on Madison Avenue. Last month a 19 year-old Ecuadoran immigrant working on a construction site was killed when a retaining wall fell on him. Last week, worker died after falling 13 stories from a scaffold at 76th Street and 1st Avenue. Read More →