Robert Durst sued in “right to sepulcher” lawsuit

Alleged murderer and  real estate firm heir, Robert Durst is being sued by the family of his first wife Kathleen, who claim he murdered her and hid the body. They are suing for $100 million in Nassau County. Durst is suspected of killing three people, including his first wife. He was arrested last March and charged with one of those murders.

The suit stems from an HBO series where Durst is heard on a live microphone whispering to himself saying, ““There it is. You’re caught. What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.”

The lawsuit claims “for the past 33 years Durst has concealed the whereabouts of Kathleen’s body from her next of kin.”

The family seeks “to hold Durst liable for breaching their right to sepulcher by intentionally and knowingly preventing them from providing a proper burial.”

Durst inherited his money from his father who ran the Durst Organization which now manages One World Trade Center.

Durst tried to wrangle first wife’s $123,670 estate, but a Surrogate’s Court judge ruled in November 2001 that part of it had to go to her mother and Durst’s share would be placed in escrow until the authorities figured out whether he did in fact kill his wife. In 2013,  Durst tried again and was unsuccessful in getting a piece of the estate.

To read about this in detail,  Family of Robert Durst’s First Wife Sues Him for $100 Million in Her Disappearance

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