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Housing court decisions favor two long term Brooklyn residents

Two separate housing court decisions favored two Brooklyn tenants, both women, and both on Social Security In the first case, 84 year-old widow Teresita Bugdady, installed a dishwasher. The long-time Cobble Hill Native doesn’t have a written lease  and her landlord tried to evict her over her installing a dishwasher.  They argued the dishwasher could be a nuisance and could damage the building if something went wrong Read More →

New York Appeals Court rules rent stablization an “essential need.”

A divided Court of Appeals have sided with an 80 year-old widow who has been fighting to remain in her stabilized apartment in the East Village. Writing for the majority in the 5-2 decision, Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam wrote that “affordable housing is an essential need.” The Court also noted that rent stabilization is a governmental “exceptional regulatory scheme” which is applies to a “specifically targeted Read More →

NYC Landlords sue Cuomo for his initiative to prevent landlord fraud

Back in 2012 Governor Cuomo set up the Tenant Protection Unit (TPU) which was tasked with ferreting out landlord fraud and abuse. On Monday, three landlord groups filed suit in Brooklyn Supreme Court claiming many of the rules and enforcement actions  “invalid and unenforceable.” The TPU was considered a major tenants rights victory that was designed to stop tenant harassment, increase compliance with and enforce rent regulation laws, and Read More →