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Car “crashes” not “accidents”?

The Washington Post has an interesting blog post today, When a car ‘crash’ isn’t an ‘accident’ — and why the difference matters. The Post looks at the campaign by the New York based Families for Safe Streets who are campaigning to stop using the word accident and replace it with thee word crash in automobile involved incidents. Their reasoning is that word accidents implies unintentional. An accident is Read More →

Upstate dairy farm not liable for calf that caused fatal accident

An appeals court ruled that the owners of an upstate dairy farm are not liable for a calf that strayed out on to a road, causing the death of  46 year-old Holly Hain. Hain was driving on a road in Steuben County around 10pm when she noticed a calf wandering alomng the road. She pulled over to the side of the road and parked her car in Read More →

Cabbie tries to dodge wrongful death lawsuit on a technicality

An NYC cabbie who hit and killed an  9-year-old boy in an Upper West Side cross walk is trying to get his wrongful death lawsuit dismissed claiming he wasn’t properly served court papers. The tactic angered the parents of the boy who were outraged when the cabbie was only fined In January 2014,  Koffi Komlani was making a left-hand turn on 97th Street and West End Read More →

Motor vehicle related injuries leading cause of death for NYC kids

The Health Department  released its annual report detailing child injury deaths, today which found that between 2003 and 2012, motor vehicle-related injuries were the leading cause of injury death among NYC children aged 1 to 12 years. More than 100 kids died from a motor vehicle-related injury over this time period. Between 2003 and 2012, 438 children aged 1 to 12 years died from an injury-related Read More →

Truck driver files suit after near drowning in molasses

This bit of strange news comes from the Courthouse News website. Truck driver Thomas Hooten is suing the owners of a Black Angus cow he hit and killed on a Colorado highway while hauling a load of molasses. He is also suing the driver of a pickup truck he blames for the accident. According to the complaint filed on April 6th he claims he had Read More →

Fiat/Chrysler hit for$150 million in wrongful death case

Fiat/Chrysler has been ordered to pay a Georgia family $120 million plus, $30 million for pain and suffering after losing a wrongful death lawsuit for a rear-end car crash the killed 4 year-old Remington Walden. A jury found the company acted with “reckless and wanton disregard”in the death of death of Walden. They found that the company failed to warn customers that the gas tank’s position in the Read More →

$165 million judgement entered against FedEx in New Mexico

A New Mexico state district judge formally entered a $165 million judgment against FedEx for an accident that occurred in 2011 and killed a mother and daughter. The judge, Francis Mathew also added a 15% prejudgment interest charge retroactive to 2011 when the lawsuit was filed. Mariali Venegas and her daughter of El Paso, Texas, were killed in a June 2011 crash on a highway outsid eof Las Read More →

Do driverless cars need insurance?

All those who own cars must have insurance. 90 percent of car accidents are due to driver error. What if there is no driver? That scenario, as futuristic as it might sound is on the Horizon. Google, for one is experimenting with driverless cars. Will you still need insurance if you’re not the driver? A recent article on the Marketplace website addresses that issue.  The Insurance Read More →

NJ man dies month after $495,000 car crash settlement

49-year old Gilberto Antonio Montoya died Saturday from injuries he received in a car crash a month after receiving a $495,053 settlement to establish a special needs trust fund for his lifetime care according to the Daily Record. Montoya was stopped at a traffic light on Sussex Turnpike, waiting to make a turn on his motorcycle, when he was rear-ended by a 73-year-old driver in Read More →

Driverless cars: Who will be liable for accidents?

KCBS news  asks the question, How Will Insurance Companies Handle Driverless Cars? Although the cars have yet to hit the market, the CBS outlet asked Chunka Mui, a co-founder and managing director of the Devil’s Advocate Group that advises business executives, to weigh in: In the near-term, when you have driverless cars, the liability for accidents shifts from the driver to the maker of the Read More →