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Stay safe on construction sites

We’ve written a lot about how dangerous constructions work can be. With that in mind here are some ways to help insure your safety on the job. For those of you who work the construction industry you will be aware of the following but you should also be aware that you have a legal right to a safe workplace. Falls: Falling is a major cause Read More →

Ice, snow and sidewalks: What you need to know

As we get deeper into winter, we can expect some snowstorms. What are the rules for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks and what are your rights if you slip and fall on some sidewalk that hasn’t been cleared? NYC administrative code, Section 7-210: Liability of real property owner for failure to maintain sidewalk in a reasonably safe condition states Every owner, lessee, tenant, occupant, Read More →

Insurance companies aren’t always on your side: Part 2

In August of 2008, 22- year old Rachel Gonzalez broke her clavicle and lost consciousness after tripping on a sidewalk in the Bronx. She was treated at the hospital and released the same day. She continued to be plagued by migraine headaches ands shoulder pain. In December of that year an representative of the building owners’ insurer came to her home. At that time, Gonzalez Read More →