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Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us at Lozner and Mastropietro, Happy Thanksgiving.    

Remembering on Veterans Day

Why we need the “Scaffolding Law”

The law’s real name,  Labor Law 240 is intended to protect workers from the number one cause of injury and death in the construction injury, falls from scaffolding. Under the law, owners of constructions companies are required to supply safety equipment to their workers. If the law is repealed, they would no longer be required by law to supply that equipment. The law is straightforward: All Read More →

Construction Safety: Causes of Accidents

OSHA reports that 828 construction workers died on the job in 2013, with construction site accidents accounting for almost 20% of all U.S. work-related fatalities across industries. The primary causes of these accidents are known as “The Fatal Four” and are listed as falls, being struck by objects, electrocution and being caught between moving vehicles or machinery. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Agency Read More →

In Memorium

Beat the heat: From The City of New York

We’re all sweltering in this heat and there will be more to come. Thankfully the City of New has advice and help. If you don’t have air conditioning the City has cooling centers where you can go. Use this link to find the nearest cooling center near you. NYC Cooling Centers The City also has a downloadable brochure with tips on how to stay cool Read More →

Cuomo backs medical malpractice law: Lavern’s Law

Governor Cuomo has thrown his weight behind a law that would bolster the rights of victims of medical malpractice to hold hospitals accountable Lavern’s Law would start the statute of limitations clock ticking when a patient first discovers that he or she has been harmed by a doctor or hospital, not the date the malpractice occurred. Lavern Wilkinson, died in March 2013 from a curable form of Read More →

Bicycling in NYC: Be safe on those streets

Spring is officially here even of it hasn’t really sprung yet. But as the weather warms almost 40,000 bicyclists will take to the streets, bike paths and parks of New York City. Maybe you are one of those throngs of two-wheeled enthusiasts.  But as fun as cycling might be, you need to be aware at all times. Accidents do happen. Although accidents have been declining Read More →

CBS’ Elementary plot concerns medical malpractice

The CBS show Elementary will delve into the “world of medical malpractice compensation on the February 19th episode. The show follows a modern day Sherlock Holmes as he solves crimes. There were two synopses released by CBS Holmes and Watson will go inside the world of wrongful death compensation when a serial murderer leaves envelopes of cash on victims as a calling card. Holmes and Read More →

The Year in Review

2014 is almost behind us and it’s been quite a year.  With that mind, we thought we would post some of the posts we thought were of the most interest this past year. NYC Landlords sue Cuomo for his initiative to prevent landlord fraud Back in 2012 Governor Cuomo set up the Tenant Protection Unit (TPU) which was tasked with ferreting out landlord fraud and abuse. Read More →