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Haunted and murder houses for sale?

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled in 2014 that the sellers of a house have no legal obligation to inform the buyers of the fact that murders or other awful things happened in the house. The case was brought by Janet Milliken, who in 2007 bought a home from Kathleen and Joseph Jacono for $610,000. Six months prior to her purchase, the Jacanos bought the house Read More →

Friday legal funnies: Disorder in the Court

While representing a client in court is serious business, but every once in a while something inadvertent is said that causes the court, including the judge to chuckle. Recently, while going though our law library we came across a book from 1999 titled, Disorder in the Court: Great Fractured Moments in Courtroom History, written by San Diego attorney Charles M. Sevilla. The book is a collection of things Read More →

Cop tickled corpse, wrongful death suit alleges

In weird legal news, the parents of an unarmed man shot dead by police in Bakersfield, California claim in a wrongful death suit that a police officer who likes “playing with dead bodies. According to the lawsuit After James’  violent  and unwarranted  death, his body was transported to Kern Medical  Center for an autopsy. While at Kern Medical  Center,  James’  body was desecrated  by another Bakersfield  police  officer, Read More →

Bad Verizon customer service blamed in woman’s heart attack

A Virginia woman, 53-year-old Angela Hawkins claims the stress of dealing with  bad Verizon wireless customer service caused her to have a heart attack. She is suing Verizon Wireless for $2.35 million, claiming both negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress. 53-year-old Angela Hawkins alleges in a lawsuit  the representative and her supervisor treated Hawkins rudely, threatened to have her arrested and said the supervisor accused her of Read More →

Unusual defense in accident case: 1897

One fun thing to do is browse through the New York Times archives. Today we came across the interesting defense in a personal injury case from 1897. The Times reported on a trial where an ice company was being sued for an accident to  an 8 year-old girtl who lost her foot when a large block of ice fell on it. The ice company, National Read More →

Truck driver files suit after near drowning in molasses

This bit of strange news comes from the Courthouse News website. Truck driver Thomas Hooten is suing the owners of a Black Angus cow he hit and killed on a Colorado highway while hauling a load of molasses. He is also suing the driver of a pickup truck he blames for the accident. According to the complaint filed on April 6th he claims he had Read More →

Lawyer who defends polluters sues neighbor for smoking in his apartment

Edwin Gray has loved in home he was brought up in for the last 54 years. He now lives there lives there with his four adult sons. He likes to smoke cigarettes, marijuana and burn incense. Last September Brendan and Nessa Coppinger, two attorneys bought the house next door.  The Washington Post website writes … his next-door neighbors, who arrived at their newly renovated home in September, Read More →

Woman sues herself for damages

A woman is suing herself for negligence after sas in a car crash that killed her husband. The Utah Court of Appeals has ruled that a woman, Barbara Bagley can sue herself in the wrongful death suit. Her insurance company will represent her interests as a defendant in the case. The lawsuit, called Bagley vs. Bagley derives from a car accident in which she was Read More →

Court rules Lee Harvey Oswald’s coffin not for sale

In the world of strange news, a Texas judge has ruled that the coffin that JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was buried cannot be sold. A lawsuit was brought byRobert Oswald, Lee’s brother after he learned the coffin was sold by the funeral home where it was being kept. In 1981, Oswald’s body was exhumed to dispel rumors that a Soviet agent had been buried Read More →

Dead man can’t convince judge he’s alive

This one is a year old, but it came across our digital transom and we thought it was interesting enough to blog about. Ohioan Donald E. Miller Jr wanted to get a new driver’s license and re-activate his Social Security number, but there was one minor issue that prevented him from doing it. He was legally dead. Miller appeared in Hancock County Probate  Court in Read More →