CDC: Traumatic brain injury a serious health problem

Actress Natasha Richardson fell while skiing on the beginner’s slope at Canada’s Mont Tremblant and bumped her head. She felt fine but the ski patrol took her to the bottom of the slope and insisted she see a doctor. She insisted she felt fine. An hour after the incident she said she had a headache and resort medical personnel sent her to see a doctor. Read More →

Brooklyn D.A. candidates slam current D. Hynes at debate

The New York Law Journals reported that last week the two Democratic candidates hoping to replace current Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes attacked his record in what the journal called a  “raucous and sometimes testy forum.” Abraham George, a former Manhattan assistant district attorney, and Kenneth Thompson of the law firm of Thompson Wigdor, attacked the credibility of District Attorney Charles Hynes “We are ready Read More →

New York State “scaffold law” reform bad for workers

New York State has some of the best worker safety laws in the nation. Now, the construction industry and insurance companies are lobbying the legislature to get rid of one of those laws, in the name of reform. An obscure 1800’s labor law known as the Scaffolding Law has come under fire by insurance companies and construction firms who are looking to get it repealed. The law holds contractors Read More →

Medical malpractice payouts not driving up healthcare costs

One of the mantras of tort reform advocates is that out of control jury verdicts in medical malpractice cases have driven up the cost of healthcare.  Now, a recent study by Johns Hopkins researchers published in the Journal for Healthcare Quality, claims those claims are untrue. “The notion that frivolous claims are routinely resulting in $100 million payouts is not true,” said study leader Dr. Marty Makary, associate Read More →

Riding your bicycle: Be careful out there.

In 2012, over 35,000 bicyclists took to the streets, bike paths and parks of New York City. This year, the city expects more people will take up bicycling. With the creation of the NYC bike share program, CitiBike, the number of two-wheeled travelers will increase by a few thousand increasing the chances for more accidents. Although accidents have been declining the last past few years, Read More →

Medical Errors More Common Than Previously Thought

In 1999, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a study noting that up to 98,000 people died each year from medical mistakes. The IOM also estimated that an additional one million people were injured as a result of these errors, putting the total cost of these mistakes anywhere between $17 billion and $29 billion annually. The purpose of the study was to bring attention to Read More →